50+ Mind Blowing Elephant Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Cute & Lovely Elephant Tattoo With Meanings

Hey, Tattoosinsta readers welcome back to another amazing article on your favorite tattoo website Tattoosinsta. Hope you enjoyed our last articles.  In this article, we are going to see Elephant tattoo designs. What does an Elephant tattoo symbolize? What is the meaning of an Elephant tattoo for someone? How much does an Elephant tattoo cost? and many other wonderful things about Elephants. So stick to this article to learn more about tattoos and their meanings.

As we all know tattoos are permanent and one of the best ways to show love, memory, emotion, and many other feelings. As we know there are many animal lovers around the world. So they show some respect and love for them by getting tattoos on their body. Many of us go for pet tattoos, whereas some of us go for wild animal tattoos, like a lion, tiger, elephant, bear, wolf, and many more.

While Elephants are some of the largest animals on the planet. The elephant is a universal symbol of strength, loyalty, and loveable. If you are thinking of getting an Elephant tattoo then you are right place. Because we have collected the best elephant tattoos from all over the world in different tattoo styles.

Elephant Tattoos look beautiful on both men and women. In fact, elephant ideas are so loveable all over the world because of the availability in every size large, small, and medium. As we know there are so many tattoo designs from simple small to tribal, realistic, geometric, 3d, watercolor, and many more. You can also get these tattoos with some other designs like quotes, flowers, Lord Ganesha, and many more.

Elephant Tattoo Meaning:

As every tattoo has a unique meaning so elephant designs also carry some meaning. Elephant designs represent so many things like loyalty, wisdom, prosperity, strength family, and so on. In many cultures, elephants hold respected positions. In Indian culture, a white elephant is associated with Indra and Lord Ganesha. Elephants are large in size so they are described as Gentle giants.

Elephant Tattoo Designs and Ideas:

As we know there are a huge variety of tattoos available. You can have an elephant design at any part of the body, whether it is chest, back, leg, thigh, sleeve, ankle, forearm, wrist, foot, or hand. There are so many tattoo artists around the world who are experts in this field and can modify a design for you. Just because elephants are large, it does not mean that an elephant tattoo has to be large. If you want an elephant design in a small size you will find many cute small designs as well.

If you want a simple elephant design then you may get it within one hour. There are many famous elephant tattoos available with a simple outline, as they do not need so much detailing. This kind of tattoo is cheap and can get within no time. You can get a cute cartoon elephant design or in geometric shapes.

As we discussed above every tattoo is available in watercolor tattoos so does the elephant. These watercolor elephant tattoos look beautiful because of the colors inked in them.

In eastern cultures, Elephants and mandalas have a strong spiritual significance. Elephants are very family-oriented animals just like human beings. An elephant family tattoo is the best design for those who want to show love towards their family.

If a mother wants to express a bond with her child then she can have mom and baby elephant tattoos. There are not only cute but they are also meaningful. Every elephant herd is made up of mothers and babies. It can be an awesome choice for a new father who wants to pay tribute to their life partner and newborn baby.